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UN Certified Bag

UN certified Bag | Aston packaging Solution

UN Certified Bag

UN certified bags, also known as UN-approved FIBCs, are specialized containers that meet the safety standards set by the United Nations for transporting hazardous materials. These bags are rigorously tested and approved to ensure material safety. Different UN certified bags are available to cater to various types of hazardous materials, such as solids, liquids, or gases. They come in various sizes and load capacities, offering flexibility for different hazardous material handling needs.  We will help you to find perfect fit.  

Additional Information:

  • Designed with features to prevent leakage, protect against contamination, and withstand the potential hazards associated with transporting hazardous substances. 
  • Equipped with specific labeling, markings, and documentation to comply with international regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods. 
  • Commonly used in industries dealing with hazardous materials to ensure the safe and compliant transportation of products while minimizing the risks to the environment and personnel.  
  • Provide a reliable solution for transporting hazardous substances securely, meeting the strict safety standards and regulations set by the United Nations and other relevant authorities.


  • Chemicals: UN certified bags are extensively used in the chemical industry to transport hazardous chemicals, powders, and granules. 
  • Pharmaceuticals: For the safe transportation of pharmaceutical ingredients, hazardous drugs, and other medical materials. 
  • Petrochemicals: Used for handling and transporting hazardous substances related to petroleum and petrochemical products. 
  • Agriculture: Used for transporting and storing hazardous fertilizers and chemicals. 
  • Mining: Utilized for the transportation of hazardous materials like mining chemicals and ores. 
  • Waste Management: Play a role in the safe transport and disposal of hazardous waste materials. 
  • Paints and Coatings: In industries dealing with paints and coatings, UN certified bags are used for hazardous material handling. 

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