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Sand Bag

Sand Bag | Aston packaging Solution

Sand Bags

Sand bags are durable, flexible, and often woven bags designed for various applications, particularly for flood control, erosion prevention, and construction projects. These bags are typically filled with sand or other heavy materials to create temporary barriers, levees, or ballast. The bags are made from sturdy materials, such as polypropylene, to withstand exposure to the elements and the weight of the sand. 

Additional Information:

  • Used in emergency situations to protect homes and properties from flooding or water damage.  
  • Utilized in construction and landscaping projects to provide stabilization and support for structures and trenches. 
  • Allows for easy stacking and arranging, making them efficient for creating temporary structures and barriers.  
  • Flexibility allows them to conform to uneven terrain and adapt to the specific needs of each situation. 


  • Construction: Sandbags for erosion control and stabilizing construction sites. 
  • Flood Protection: For creating barriers and preventing floodwaters from damaging properties. 
  • Landscaping: For retaining walls and creating landscaping features. 
  • Military: Sandbags for defensive fortifications and bunkers. 
  • Transportation: For weight distribution in trucks and vehicles. 
  • Civil Engineering: Sandbags for temporary structures and site protection. 
  • Environmental Remediation: Containing and managing hazardous materials. 
  • Agriculture: Used for flood control in agricultural areas. 
  • Road Construction: Sandbags for erosion control and slope stabilization on road projects. 

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