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Concrete Washout Bag

Concreate Washout Bag | Aston packaging Solution

Concrete Washout Bag

Concrete washout bags are specialized FIBCs, designed for containing and disposing of concrete waste, slurry, and other construction debris. Concrete washout bags are constructed with durable materials that can withstand the harsh properties of concrete waste. Concrete washout bags are equipped with lifting loops or handles for easy handling and transportation using forklifts or cranes. They serve as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete washout pits or containers.

Additional Information:

  • Used in the construction industry to manage environmental impacts and comply with regulations related to concrete washout during construction projects. 
  • Facilitates efficient loading, transportation, and disposal of concrete waste, streamlining construction site operations. 


  • Construction: Concrete washout bags for eco-friendly disposal of excess concrete and construction debris. 
  • Ready-Mix Concrete: For containing and disposing of washout waste from concrete trucks and equipment. 
  • Landscaping: For proper disposal of concrete and cement-related waste in landscaping projects. 
  • Building Maintenance: Reliable bags for containing washout waste from building maintenance activities involving concrete and cement. 
  • Infrastructure Development: Concrete washout bags for environmentally sound management of construction waste in infrastructure projects. 
  • Environmental Services: Bags designed to meet environmental compliance standards, ensuring responsible handling of concrete washout materials.

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