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Type C Bag

Type C Bag | Aston packaging Solution

Type C Bag

Type C bag, also known as a conductive FIBC, is designed to safely handle combustible or flammable materials. These bags are constructed with conductive materials, such as interwoven conductive threads, which prevent the buildup of static electricity during the filling and discharging processes. The conductive properties of these bags ensure that any static electricity generated is safely discharged, reducing the risk of sparks and potential fire hazards.

Additional Information:

  • Type C bags are suitable for transporting and storing materials that are prone to generating static charges, such as powders, chemicals, and granular substances 
  • They provide a reliable solution for preventing static electricity-related incidents, safeguarding both personnel and products during the handling of combustible materials. 


  • Chemicals: For transporting and storing flammable or hazardous chemicals safely. 
  • Pharmaceuticals: Conductive bags used in the pharmaceutical industry for handling sensitive materials. 
  • Petrochemicals: Type C bags for the secure transport of flammable petrochemical products. 
  • Electronics: For protecting electronic components from electrostatic discharge (ESD). 
  • Paints and Coatings: Used for safe handling and storage of flammable paints and coatings. 
  • Aerospace: Used in the aerospace industry for sensitive components and materials. 
  • Oil and Gas: Type C bags for the transport of combustible materials in the oil and gas sector. 
  • Printing: Protecting sensitive printing materials from static electricity. 
  • Research and Development: Used in research and development labs to handle sensitive substances. 

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