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Baffle Bag

Baffle Bag | Aston packaging Solution

Baffle Bag

A baffle bag, also known as a Q-bag, is a type of FIBC designed with internal baffles or walls. These baffles provide additional support and structure to the bag, allowing it to maintain its square or rectangular shape during filling and transportation. These baffles, typically made of the same material as the bag, form vertical walls that divide the bag’s interior into sections. The baffles reinforce the bag’s structure, preventing it from bulging or sagging during filling and transportation. 

Additional Information:

  • The feature of maintaining its shape even filled partially maximizes the use of container space, optimizing the load capacity and reducing the risk of load shift during transportation.
  • Used in various industries to transport and store fine powders, granular materials, and other commodities.
  • Facilitates efficient loading and unloading, saving time and labor in material handling operations.
  • Provide a reliable solution for secure and efficient transportation and storage of bulk goods, ensuring product quality and minimizing waste and contamination risks.


  • Construction: Reliable baffle bags for transporting and storing construction materials securely. 
  • Agriculture: Sturdy baffle bags for safe handling and transport of grains, seeds, and fertilizers. 
  • Food: Food-grade baffle bags ensuring hygienic storage and transportation of ingredients and products. 
  • Chemicals: Chemically compatible baffle bags for the safe transport of various chemicals and powders. 
  • Pharmaceuticals: Precision-engineered baffle bags for stable handling of pharmaceutical ingredients. 

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