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Polywoven Bags

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Polywoven Bags

Polywoven bags, also known as polypropylene woven bags or PP woven bags, are highly versatile and durable packaging solutions made from woven polypropylene fabric. These bags are known for their strength, tear resistance, and excellent barrier properties, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. The bags are typically equipped with stitched or heat-sealed sides and a top closure, ensuring the contents are securely stored. Some polywoven bags may also have a liner inside to provide additional protection for moisture-sensitive products. 

Additional Information:

  • Used for packaging various products, including grains, seeds, pet food, fertilizers, cement, sand, and more. 
  • Bags can be printed with customized designs, logos, and information, making them an effective tool for branding and marketing purposes. 
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging solutions, as they are reusable, recyclable, lightweight, reducing transportation costs and environmental impact. 


  • Agriculture: For secure storage and transportation of seeds, grains, and fertilizers. 
  • Food: Food-grade polywoven bags ensuring safe packaging and preservation of food ingredients and products. 
  • Construction: Durable polywoven bags for transporting and storing construction materials like sand and cement. 
  • Chemicals: Chemically compatible polywoven bags for safe transport and storage of various chemicals and powders. 
  • Pharmaceuticals: Hygienic polywoven bags for stable handling and transport of pharmaceutical ingredients and powders. 
  • Mining: Robust polywoven bags for dependable transport of minerals and mining materials. 
  • Retail: Attractive polywoven bags for retail packaging and carrying merchandise. 
  • Export/Import: Export-grade polywoven bags for reliable international shipping of goods. 

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