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Container Liners

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Container Liners

Container liners are large, flexible bags or liners designed to fit inside standard shipping containers, transforming the container into a bulk transport system. These liners are made from high-quality materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene and are tailored to fit the dimensions of the container accurately. Container liners are available with different discharge options, such as spouts or bulkheads, allowing for controlled and easy unloading of the cargo. 

Additional Information:

  • Container liners serve as a protective barrier between the cargo and the container walls, preventing direct contact and contamination.  
  • Commonly used to transport dry bulk goods such as grains, powders, chemicals, and granular materials. 
  • Liners help to facilitate the efficient loading and unloading of bulk goods, reducing material loss and facilitating faster container turnaround times.  
  • Assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the container, ensuring that the cargo arrives at its destination in a pristine condition. 
  • Liners come in various designs, including form-fit liners and loose-fitting liners, depending on the cargo and the specific requirements of the shipment.  


  • Agriculture: Agricultural container liners for the safe and efficient transportation of grains, seeds, and other agricultural products. 
  • Food: Food-grade container liners to maintain food quality and hygiene during bulk transport of ingredients and products. 
  • Chemicals: Chemical-resistant container liners for secure handling and transport of various chemicals and powders. 
  • Pharmaceuticals: Hygienic container liners ensuring contamination-free transportation of pharmaceutical ingredients. 
  • Mining: Heavy-duty container liners for reliable and dust-free transport of minerals and mining materials.  
  • Petrochemicals: Chemical-resistant container liners for the safe transport of petrochemical products. 
  • Waste Management: Container liners for waste collection and transportation, reducing spillage and contamination risks.  

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